GT Goalie Coaches in Local Hockey Camp

All across the country, hockey players are attending camps to sharpen their skills. Atlanta, like many northern and Canadian cities, holds its fair share of hockey camps. The most recent of these camps took place at the Jackets home rink, The Ice in Cumming, GA, and was specifically for goalies. Led by the local travel team coach Craig Terranova, the camp hosted goalies from the age of five to fifteen who spent four days training on and off the ice. And our very own netminder, #30 Caleb Rudnicki, came out to be an instructor during the camp. Caleb, along with several other coaches, ran his own station that focused on a specific skill everyday. He recapped the camp to GT Hockey:

“The Bandits Goalie Camp this past week was a blast! It had the right amount of training and fun for the age group. And it was very similar to camps I had participated in when I was younger. We hit the ice twice a day and in between the sessions, the campers would workout off the ice, doing yoga or core exercises. Then at the end of each day we would announce a camper of the day.”

He then elaborated about some of the specific skills that he worked on.

“Even though many of the stations focused on skills like how to pad slide or control your rebounds, the main focus of my stations across the week was how to play the puck in tight quarters. In other words, I focused on plays like wraparounds and shots from bad angles. Even though many of the younger goalies struggled at first with this type of situation, by the end of the week, they had mastered the craft. With some of the older guys, we worked on the reverse VH, a positioning in which the goalies outer pad lay flat on the ice enabling the goalie to cover the most amount of net while still being able to be mobile to cover passes. I was happy to see a bunch of the older guys pick up this talent and add it to their bag of tricks!”

In addition to on ice work, the campers also listened to the instructors as they explained what it was like to play hockey at a higher level, like in college or prep school. The campers had a lot of interesting questions. Overall, the camp was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and we cannot wait for GT Hockey to be apart of the Bandits Goalie Camp again next year!