BREAKING: New Logo Unveiled

Yes, you heard that right! Georgia Tech Hockey has just released there new logo which will be used by the team for the start of the 2017-18 season!

This brand new emblem which will soon be displayed on the chests of the crisp new jerseys pays homage to the those who had proudly worn the GT Hockey crest in the past. 1973, the year in which the team was born makes this club the longest continuously running club hockey team in the south. In addition to displaying the year of the team’s commencement, the new logo also converts what used to be a yellow jacket with a hockey stick into a fierce and bold statement. The circular shape of the logo offers a very strong and symmetrical feel which will also look great on any t-shirt, hoody or jersey!

Now we aren’t just telling you this for no reason. We want to let you, the fans, alumni and supporters of GT Hockey, in on the new logo even before the season starts! We want you to let us know what kind of apparel you want to see this logo on. To ensure that you get the GT Hockey gear that you want, be sure to let us know what we should sell by reaching out to us in anyway through Facebook (@GeorgiaTechHockey), Twitter (@GT_Hockey), or email. If you are sending an email, please reach out to the team’s Vice President, Caleb Rudnicki, at with the subject GT Hockey Apparel. Thank you to everyone for your support!!!