About the Student Board

The Georgia Tech Ice Hockey Club is a student-run organization. While we do have a coaching staff, they are primarily responsible for handling the on-ice performance of the team, supporting the student board with off-ice operations only when necessary.

Every spring after the conclusion of the season, the team holds a meeting to elect a new group of board members. These players are then entrusted with preparing the team for and managing the team throughout the season.


Joey Schutz


As President of GT Hockey, Joey is responsible of organizing and chairing board meetings. He is also tasked with delegating tasks and making sure that their completion is met. Also, Joey is also the head on appointing committee leader.

Vice President

Caleb Rudnicki


In taking the role of Vice President of GT Hockey, Caleb is the second-in-charge of the club. He assists Joey in with his presidency of the club. In addition, Caleb will also act on behalf of the President in the President's absence.


Michael Brzozowski


Michael, under the position of Treasurer of GT Hockey, is the lead on controlling and organizing all financial activity of the team. The treasurer works with the school in any financially motivated talks.


Zach Cernich


As the Secretary of GT Hockey, Zach organizes minutes from each meeting for the rest of the board. He is also the point-person for when the board needs a clarification about a discussion had at a previous meeting.

Public Relations

Nick Markwordt


Nick, as the head of Public Relations of GT Hockey, works with the team's website and various social media accounts. He keeps the community inside and outside of Georgia Tech updated about the club.

About the Coaches

Bob Cernich - Head Coach


Coach Cernich has been involved in the Atlanta youth hockey community for many years and has successfully coached several youth teams to the national tournament. He joined the coaching staff at the start of the 2015-16 season looking to usher in a new era of GT Hockey more focused on team play than individual accomplishment. Under Coach Cernich, the Jackets have won the ACC Tournament in 2017 and came in second at the Scholar Shootout in Nashville in 2015.

Paul Gattung - Assistant Coach / Manager


Coach Gattung has been involved with GT Hockey ever since his son Christian played on the team many years ago. Coach Gattung has been instrumental in growing and promoting the team both on and off the ice. He can be seen as the team's liaison at the Regional and National ACHA events. He also serves as the unofficial contact for alumni and public relations.

Jeremy Omess - Assistant Coach


Coach Omess rejoined the Jackets at the start of the 2016-17 season after a few years away from the rink when he was a player for the team. Jeremy works side by side with his fellow coaches to plan out the best lines, primarily on the defensive front.

Colin Roberts - Assistant Coach


Coach Roberts is GT Hockey's newest coach. As a Canadian, Coach Roberts grew an extensive love and knowledge for hockey. He took that knowledge with him when he moved to Atlanta six years ago. After coaching Peachtree Ridge High School's hockey team, Coach Roberts decided to take his talents to the collegiate level.